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now! oct 2015
17 Oct 2015 Zürich (CH), Rote Fabrik
23 Oct 2015 Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis
24 Oct 2015 Tilburg (NL), Paradox
30 Oct 2015 Brugge (BE), De Werf
31 Oct 2015 Lausanne (CH), Jazz Onze+ Festival


then: aug/sep 2015

27 Aug 2015 Den Haag (NL), De Nieuwe Regentes: Dutch Impro Academy with Han Bennink, Mary Oliver and Ernst Glerum
29 Aug 2015 Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis: Dutch Impro Academy with Han Bennink, Mary Oliver and Ernst Glerum

10 Jul 2015 Rotterdam (NL), North Sea Jazz Festival: Han Bennink, Peter Evans, Oscar-Jan Hoogland
11 Jul 2015 Rotterdm (NL), North Sea Jazz Festival: Han Bennink Trio (w/Simon Toldam and Joachim Badenhorst)
12 Jul 2015 Rotterdam (NL), North Sea Jazz Festival: ICP Orchestra with Marc Ribot

then: june/july 2015

05 June 2015 is Misha Mengelberg's 80th birthday.  Please come help us celebrate at one or more of the absolutely unique events planned for this weekend.  

Saturday 6 June +++  

11:00 @ Bimhuis
Presented by the Holland Festival and Bimhuis: a symposium led by Koen Schouten discusses Misha's significance as avant-gardist, thinker and Instant Composer. The keynote will be delivered by trombonist George Lewis, and also speaking will be Kevin Whitehead, Floris Schuiling, and Louis Andriessen. Plus musical interludes by the Benjamin Herman Kwartet and the presentation of the new book "Worp en wederworp", a collection of 26 interviews with Mengelberg compiled by Erik van den Berg.

for more info: http://bimhuis.nl/concerten/mishas-middag  

20:30 @ Bimhuis
Various size Doek and Tri-Centric ensembles playing improvisations and interpretations of Misha Mengelberg pieces and compositions from Michael Moore (new piece), James Fei and Ingrid Laubrock.

for more info: http://bimhuis.nl/concerten/doek-festival-6  

Sunday 7 June +++  

14:00 @ Pianola Museum
A regular (and popular) Doek Festival event! This year a cycling voyage of discovery to four of Amsterdam’s smallest theatres, in each of which are presented a mini theatre performance back to back with a solo interpretation of a Misha Mengelberg piece by a Doek or Tri-Centric musician.

for more info: http://www.doek.org/festival/doek-festival-2015-june-7/  

21:00 @ Zaal 100
Yedo Gibson Trio featuring Ab Baars radical interpretations of Misha Mengelberg compositions.Plus Doek and Tri-Centric DJs in the afterhang.

for more info: http://www.doek.org/festival/doek-festival-2015-june-7/


then: march 2015

If you're familiar with the photo/book collaboration between photographer Ton Mijs and long-time ICP chronicler Kevin Whitehead, "Instant Composers Pool Orchestra: You have to see it", then you'll be interested to know that 24 images from the book will be hanging in the Stopera in Amsterdam from 16 Feb to 09 April, freely accessible 7 days a week until 23:45. Check it out!


It's official: the first-ever production of Misha's unfinished work Koeien (Cows) will be performed at this years Holland Festival. Pre-sale tickets are already selling fast, if you miss one of these two performances your next chance is in 2016...

And in other concert news:

09 Mar 2015 Amsterdam (NL), Huis de Pinto: Han Bennink solo
13 Mar 2015 Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis: Han Bennink and Alexander Hawkins
24 Mar 2015 London (UK), Vortex: Han Bennink and Alexander Hawkins
28 Mar 2015 Bergen (NL), Museum Kranenbergh: Han Bennink solo
29 Mar 2015 Groningen (NL), Platformtheater: Han Bennink, Ben van Gelder, Reinier Baas
03 Apr 2015 Rotterdam (NL), De Doelen: Han Bennink, Peter Beets, Anton Goudsmit, Ruud Jacobs
15 Apr 2015 Amsterdam (NL), De Roode Bioscoop: Ernst Glerum, Jamie Peet, Timothy Banchet & Yung Tuan Ku
16 Apr 2015 Amsterdam (NL), De Roode Bioscoop: Ernst Glerum, Joost Patocka, Tobias Delius
17 Apr 2015 Amsterdam (NL), De Roode Bioscoop: Ernst Glerum, Han Bennink, Wolter Wierbos
19 Apr 2015 Amsterdam (NL), Bimhuis: ICP Orchestra

02 May 2015 Chicago, Illinois (USA), Constellation ICP Orchestra
03 May 2015 Chicago, Illinois (USA), Constellation ICP Orchestra
04 May 2015 Chicago, Illinois (USA), Constellation ICP Orchestra
05 May 2015 Detroit, Michigan (USA) Trinosophes ICP Orchestra
06 May 2015 New York, New York (USA) Roulette ICP Orchestra (w/guests Ray Anderson and Fay Victor)
07 May 2015 New York, New York (USA) Roulette ICP Orchestra (w/guests Mary Halvorson and Marcus Rojas)
08 May 2015 New York, New York (USA) Roulette ICP Orchestra (w/guests Will Holshouser and Vincent Chancey)
09 May 2015 Buffalo, New York (USA) Albright-Knox Art Gallery ICP Orchestra
11 May 2015 Des Moines, Iowa (USA) Caspe Center ICP Orchestra (no website...contact Abe Goldstien <AGoldstien@trilixgroup.com> for more info
14 May 2015 Austin, Texas (USA) Epistrophy Arts ICP Orchestra
15 May 2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) Outpost ICP Orchestra
16 May 2015 Seattle, Washington (USA) Royal Room/Earshot Jazz ICP Orchestra
17 May 2015 Portland, Oregon (USA) Creative Music Guild ICP Orchestra


previously: jan/feb 2015

07 Jan 2015 Baltimore (USA), the Windup Space
09 Jan 2015 NYC (USA), (le) Poisson Rouge @ Winter Jazz Fest
11 Jan 2015 Philadelphia (USA), Ars Nova
15 Feb 2015 Beets (NL), De Kerk van Beets: Han Bennink & Guus Janssen duo (note: 15:30 show)
17 Feb 2015 Zaandam (NL), Filmtheater De Fabriek, Han Bennink solo

ICP had a great time on our lightning-fast USA tour in January. Some people were nice enough to say some nice things about the shows:

The New York Times (link):

"And the Instant Composers Pool Orchestra, from Amsterdam, mixing swing and bop (including Herbie Nichols’ ballad “Spinning Song” and Bennie Moten’s “Moten Swing”) with conducted improvisations and free jazz. But all those ingredients need quotation marks. That nine-piece ensemble, a dynastic family going back to the late 1960s, has some idiosyncratic and brilliant soloists, including the drummer Han Bennink, the saxophonist Michael Moore and the cellist Tristan Honsinger; they are scholars and physical comedians, critics and joy-spreaders."

Feast Of Music (link):

"Founded by Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink about 30 years ago, the ICP Orchestra took to the LPR stage like a firecracker - an exposition of free improvisation, Ellingtonian impressions and spoken word integrations delivered with the fervor of a theater troupe. The group's pre-bop was remarkably sincere - the spiky free/avant-garde edges were added to give texture, not irreverence or irony, and were aided by great soloists like trombonist Wolter Wierbos and reedist Ab Baars who could change between edgy and sublime on a dime's turn. Being the "instant composers" they were, ICPO not only made music instantaneously, but with joyous process; cellist Tristan Honsinger conducted with everything from vocal growls to his entire body.

Zeal Jazz & Cabaret News & Reviews (link): "At heart, a sense of humor with a band of improvisational renegades playing classic avant music that challenges the notion of modern jazz

previously: december 2014

To reserve tickets for the Rotterdam ICP show 18 December at Pro Rege, please email canon@xs4all.nl. Tickets will also be available at the door, more information available here.

07 Dec 2014 Leeuwarden (NL), Hot House Redbad 
11 Dec 2014 Oslo (NO), Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene
13 Dec 2014 Baarle-Nassau (NL), Plusetage
14 Dec 2014 Zaandam (NL), Jazz in Serah (early show, 16:00!)
18 Dec 2014 Rotterdam (NL) Pro Rege (with Guus Janssen, please email canon@xs4all.nl to reserve tickets)
20 Dec 2014 London (UK), Vortex
21 Dec 2014 Amsterdam, De Roode Bioscoop (with Guus Janssen)

previously: october/november 2014
First some upcoming tour dates:

09 Oct 2014 Amsterdam, BIMhuis (Han Bennink/Evan Parker)
10 Oct 2014 Amsterdam, BIMhuis (ICP with Evan Parker)
01 Nov 2014 Tampere (FI), Tampere Jazz Happening (ICP with Uri Caine)

and then....

trip report: japan 2014!
Last month's Japan tour was a grueling blast. This was our first time in Japan since we've been actively active on social media, and it was amazing to see how quickly the fans there got involved in posting photos and videos. You can check our FB timeline for much more (just remember to keep scrolling down until you get to September 1), but here are just a few of our favorites:

After Han, Mary, Ab and Tristan kicked things off at SuperDeluxe Tokyo with some local improvisors, the next afternoon found Han in duo with Aki Takase at Shinjuku Pit Inn (photo Kazue Yokoi)...


and then a couple of hours later playing a fun mini-set with Nipper the RCA dog at Disk Union Tokyo (video Kei Fujiwara):

The rest of the band arrived the next day and played their first full show together at Airegin Yokohama (photo Minol Umemoto):


Then Buddy's in Ekota and two nights at SuperDeluxe Tokyo, during which this moment of late-night revelry was captured by (well, at least "engineered by": the sadly-unnamed waitress is the photographer) surprise tour documenter Kei Fujiwara:


Then the Tokyo Jazz Festival! Saturday night at the Cotton Club (photo Kei Fujiwara):


and the next day outdoors in The Plaza (photo Yuko Yabe):


but this is only a small part of the story. We're still collecting great photos from Japanese fans and trying to get them on FB. And then after all of this fantastic fun, the band went to Ruvo di Puglia for the Talos Festival. Stay tuned for our next newsletter for a full report!


earlier: august/sept 2014

Downbeat magazine's 62nd annual Critics Poll has hit the stands, congrats to both the band as a whole (#11 Big Band), and Han (making both the Drums and Percussion lists) Michael (Clarinet and Rising Star Clarinet), Ab (Clarinet), and Mary (Violin and Rising Star Violin)...here's the full issue online.

A new CD will be released in late August, entitled East Of The Sun (ICP051) and featuring compositions from Maurice Horsthuis, Ab Baars, Michael Moore, Tristan Honsinger, Count Basie, Sean Bergin and more. Here's a sneak preview.

Lastly, after a brief break there are quite a few late summer dates forthcoming:

22 Aug 2014 Amsterdam, Concertgebouw (Han Bennink, Reinier Bass, Ben van Gelder)
22 Aug 2014 Amsterdam, Felix Meritis, Shaffyzaal (Wilbert de Joode, Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Wolter Wierbos)
27 Aug 2014 Heiloo, Ter Coulsterkerk (Guus Janssen on organ with Han Bennink)

29 Aug 2014 Tokyo, Super Deluxe (improv with ICP and friends)
30 Aug 2014 Tokyo, Pit Inn (Han Bennink and Aki Takase)
01 Sep 2014 Yokohama, Airegin (ICP Orchestra)
02 Sep 2014 Ekota, Buddy's Jazz Club (ICP Orchestra)
03 Sep 2014 Tokyo, Super Deluxe (ICP Orchestra with Aki Takase)
04 Sep 2014 Tokyo, Super Deluxe (ICP Orchestra)
06 Sep 2014 Tokyo, Tokyo Jazz Festival: Cotton Club (ICP Orchestra)
07 Sep 2014 Tokyo, Tokyo Jazz Festival: Plaza (ICP Orchestra)
08 Sep 2014 Tokyo, Disk Union in-store performance (ICP Orchestra)

earlier: july 2014
04 Jul 2014 Berlin, Germany, ExRotaprint Kantine (Tobias Delius 4tet)
05 Jul 2014 Berlin, Germany, ExRotaprint Kantine (Tobias Delius 4tet)
06 Jul 2014 Berlin, Germany, ExRotaprint Kantine (Tobias Delius 4tet)
07 Jul 2014 Amsterdam, Pintohuis (1st set Wolter Wierbos solo, 2nd set Mary Oliver + Wilbert de Joode + Jasper Stadhouders)

earlier: june 2014
05 June 2014, Baden, Switzerland, Kulak (ICP Trio: Bennink, Glerum, Moore)

In other news, the July 2014 issue of Downbeat magazine is celebrating their 80th anniversary with a feature on "The 80 Coolest Things In Jazz Today", and we're happy to say that our own Han and also ICP itself are #56 and #60 respectively. Take a look:

Han in Downbeat ICP in Downbeat

earlier: may 2014

ICP Orchestra is performing on Thursday May 22nd in Amsterdam at Café Frankendael immediately after the screening of "Misha Enzovoort" (see PDF invitation here).

earlier: march 2014
ICP has some European concert dates coming up in March 2014:

22 March 2014 Geneva, Switzerland, AMR Jazz Festival
28 March 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands, BIMHuis (as part of Carte Blanche Ethan Iverson)
29 March 2014, Rijkesvorsel, Belgium, De Singer (preview here)

earlier: january 2014

Here's a nice review of Mary and Han's January 2014 performance in Cleveland, USA. And Bas Andriessen made a nice little item about Misha back in September 2010, it's worth a re-visit.


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